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7 Natural Beauty Finds for Fabulous Fall Skin

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With a full fall schedule and my young kids requiring a commute to their school, it’s easy to approach my skincare routine with the same haste with which I make their lunches: is it done? Somewhat balanced? Are things washed? Good!

But a change in season does necessitate a bit more care than my simple rinse and moisturize regimen, and I’ve been on the hunt for clever ways to mix things up. I’ve been looking to discover those innovative, natural products that really work and inspire my morning, and perhaps make my rinse and repeat a little more effective!

Here are some innovative beauty finds for fall that I’ve fallen in love with.


My obsession with facial masks is grounded in the fact that in one, 20-minute, at-home session your skin experiences immediate hydration among other benefits. These coconut fiber masks by Florapy channel flower power by using essential oils and aromatherapy to tackle a myriad of skin conditions from anti-aging to detoxification. Unlike other masks, I will say that upon removal there was less residue on the skin that was more readily absorbed so that you can go about your business more quickly. Masks come in eight varieties including Deep Hydration (blackberry primrose) and Strength + Energy (arnica rose).

$8 per mask, $38 for 5-pack of one type, $56 for 8-pack of collection; florapybeauty.com

11$ CA per mask : 


In my Japanese-American upbringing, konjac (pronounced kon-nyaku) is most often prepared as a gelatinous chewy treat in a winter pot stew called oden. Imagine my delight when I saw it here, in the form of a fibrous facial sponge, when once wetted it serves as a perfect exfoliator? A little bouncy, a little slippery, it worked briskly with my facial wash across my skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Of course what’s cool is that it naturally biodegrades as a plant product and can be composted, which this California native just loves: suggested shelf life three months. (And do remember to squeeze out excess water completely after use so the sponge dries. I forgot to do this the first night, and it will retain water until you do so.)

$8 each, original (white), bamboo charcoal (black: for blemish prone skin), Asian clay (orange: for dry/aging skin); dewpuff.com




There are times when I juggle using both a makeup remover and a facial cleanser as two separate products. But when you use an oil cleanser—which you apply to a dry face, massage in a circular motion and gently over eyes to remove all makeup and impurities then rinse off with warm water—it’s an all-in-one product. Plus, Tata Harper’s formulation, known for her natural and non-toxic line, makes skin feel lightly moisturized. In my opinion this is best suited for dry skin types, but she says it can be used by all, especially as a makeup remover dotted on a cotton ball for targeted removal.

$68 for 4.1 fl. oz.; tataharperskincare.com



Having grown up in a household where incense and exotic fragrances were staples, it’s no surprise that this new launch by Scentered may be one of my all time favorites. These 100% natural therapy balms boast aromatherapy that can reset your mood with a simple inhale—and they smell divine. With balms like Love (rose, patchouli, cedar wood), Focus (rosemary, mint, clary sage) and Sleep Well (palmarosa, lavender, ylang-ylang—my favorite even if I don’t need to go to bed!), you are immediately transported by the rich layers of scent once placed upon a pressure point. In a desperate, stressed-mommy mode, I’ve put Stress Less directly under my nose to calm me down, and voila.

$24 each, $80 for Ultimate Survival Kit of all 5; scentered.me


I mentioned briefly that I wash my face, apply moisturizer and sunscreen. I DO use an anti-aging serum as well (just before said moisturizer), and it’s a step that so often women skip and really shouldn’t. Enter Dr. Hauschka skincare, where natural beauty is synonymous with drinking water. I use their Lipcare Stick when I need my lips to feel MORE like my lips! You know what I’m talking about. What I like about this serum are the pure botanical extracts that make me sense an internal regeneration of skin is happening where my hormones and elasticity are falling short. Go Mother Nature.

$90 for 1 fl. oz.; dr.hauschka.com



You know that sheet masks have reached a new level when they start having add-ons! Karuna makes Under Eye sheet strips that target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that you apply three inches under each eye that then, in turn, go under their face mask. It makes so much sense to have these enhanced Melting Boost corrections ($18 each, 8 treatments) of which there are three kinds to address sun spots or blocked pores or the aforementioned eye wrinkles. I found it smoothed out my under eye when I was suffering from a terrible cold.

$8 per mask, $32 for box of 4; karunaskin.com

Product samples if not purchased independently were received for editorial testing.


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